''She who loves silence''عائم‎ ''She who loves silence''عائم‎
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Dorje Mandala with Eight Auspicious Symbols

'The heavens as they were on April 25, 1384' by the Persian polymath Mahmud ibn Yahya ibn al-Hasan al-Kashi (completed between 1410 - 11)

I’ll be excavating in Cornwall in July, Ethiopia in November, and in Egypt sometime next year if all goes according to plan.

"She was the primeval ocean and she emerged as herself of herself and all has come forth through and from her. She is self existent, and her nature is secret, a mystery to all." — Egyptian Book of the Dead (via vijara)
3,500-year-old mummy buried in China’s Taklamakan Desert. 

Luces y sombras de la…
Navadurga Hanging Bell

Temple of Dendera, Egypt